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God, Sin & Us

As we draw closer to God, the weight of sin becomes heavier. We will find sin terrible & horrible, we will feel abhorrent. The Holy Spirit will constantly show us our sin, and an awareness of even a ‘small’ sin will lead us to repentance. This is the process of becoming sanctified. It lasts a lifetime.

Therefore, if we are to renounce sin, we need to draw closer to God rather than work hard to forsake sin. Just as by placing any hard substance in the fire, it melts and disappears; in the same way, by approaching God, our sinfulness will be reduced within us. And one day it will disappear altogether!

But as we move away from God once again, sin will find its way back into our life. Therefore, our battle with sin will go on for as long as we are on earth, but we have a way to avoid sin, and that is to stay close to God!

Merely trying to renounce sin is not the first step we take, but the first step is to move closer to God! The power lies in HIS touch, not in our God-less struggle to become holy!

Let us draw closer!