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Who We Are


NICCS is a Hindi-focused, non-residential Bible College, offering accredited programs in a hybrid format, which is a combination of distance learning, online & once-a-year physical classes.

NICCS would contribute towards a consistent supply of culturally relevant, theologically sound, well-trained, spiritually vibrant, and well-equipped Hindi-speaking Christian leaders for the work of Christian ministry across North India, especially considering there are less than 1% born again believers in North India. This is because an ever-increasing number of trained Christian workers will help ensure the planting of biblically healthy churches.

Also, thousands of well-intentioned but untrained pastors running independent churches constantly have a tendency to drift away from sound teaching. The training, guidance, and mentoring provided by NICCS will protect against the possibility of such a drift.

Lastly, NICCS is committed to providing an economically feasible and sustainable model of Hindi theological education as an alternative owing to the financial incapability of most Hindi-speaking believers and leaders.


Theologically healthy, spiritually vibrant, and practically effective Christian leaders helping fulfill the Great Commission in North India.


To inspire, recruit, educate, train, equip and support men and women within a culturally relevant, theologically sound, practically feasible, and financially affordable framework for the purpose of effective Christian ministry in North India.


  1. Affordable theological education for the Hindi speaking masses.
  2. Balance of spiritual vibrancy, theological health and practical ministry.
  3. Possibility to study alongside work, ministry and family life. 
  4. Ministry oriented courses.
  5. Post-training ministry opportunities.